The Pop Up Store: an experimentation area for C!Print 2015

Today, pop-up stores give brands the opportunity to get in touch with consumers through samplings, new concepts, product launches, experimentation, life-size tests, physical spaces for web marketing….

Ephemeral stores flourish and seduce a variety of brands. According to the French Institute of Self Service, there have been more than 360 campaigns in Europe since 2008 in diverse industries: fashion, sports, accessories and cosmetics.

Example include:

eBay, an e-commerce website


 Louis Vuitton, a luxury brand


Whether supporting an activity online, launching a new product, reconnecting with your clients or creating seasonal events, this concept seduces everyone: start-ups, web giants and luxury brands.

Often linked with an online campaign, a pop-up store is a space that is personalised. Digital printing and cutting techniques open the way for ephemeral merchandising. Whether these stores are printed digitally from top to bottom or cardboard furniture is cut out, the flexibility of techniques allows brands to experiment and communicate boldly. Because they are ephemeral, pop-up stores are often small and unique. It is a space where luxury is lived through the experience.

 C!Print 2015 will push this concept even further.  For this new edition, the PLUG&PLAY workshop will ask designers and digital printing professionals to present on-site personalized areas with the image of the PLUG&PLAY brand. This way, C!Print will breath life into the PLUG&PLAY pop up store.

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