The place to see the latest product personalisation technologies and witness the personalisation process from start to finish. Discover in this space new techniques, equipment, applications and the supports that best suit each application. And also, technical workshops in the space.


The Plug&Play small format personalisation workshop is organised in collaboration with Photo Center 3D. The specialist in web applications focused on the design and online sale of personalised products, textiles, branding, decoration, art and framing… and offers a series of applications compatible with any online shop and valid for all production systems. In the Plug&Play workshop, Plug&Play creates an exclusive online application in which visitors can personalise their product and pick it up at the show! (You can see the application created in the last edition, soon available the 2023 version!)

2023 Techniques and applications

You will see the latest technologies for the personalisation of gifts or garments and the new applications that are trending. A space to create a complete personalisation process, from in-line personalisation to the final product.

  • EPSON, direct textile printing (DTG)
  • GRUPO FB-BROTHER, personalisation
  • TAJIMA, embroidery
  • LASER PROJECT, laser engraving
  • TAJIMA DST, embroidery
  • TROTEC, laser engraving
  • EVOLUTION, DTF printing
  • IMPRIMO, UV Printing

Special partners


A dedicated brand IMAGE

This year, C!Print Madrid has created a graphic charter dedicated to nomadic workers: WORKAWAY. And we will see how it is embodied in different objects and textiles useful in the day to day life of someone who works remotely, or simply moves with their work soft equipement and decides to develop their working day connected somewhere else.

plug&play 2023 identidad visual