Customization added value for a brand

Ana Martinez Fuentes, General Manager of Gravograph Spain and Exhibitor at C!Print, speaks about the tendencies identified by her regarding clients’ expectations. She focusses on three tendencies: customization on site or through the Internet, the development of UV digital printing and the success of CO2 laser technology for printing. In this article, she speaks about the first subject: Customization on site or through the Internet.

Coca Cola personalizaciónCompanies want to set their product apart from their competitor’s so that the consumer regains that sense of exclusiveness felt with the purchase of their product. To this end, they are offering customization, for example, by engraving their name or initials, so that the consumer feels that he or she is buying something unique and personal. The Coca-Cola experience and its cans with names have shown the great added value of customization and its sales-growth potential.

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Customization = loyalty, why don’t you try it?