In C! Print Madrid we seek to bring together the actors of the visual communication sector, yet we also seek to offer unique experiences to our visitors by working alongside with our exhibitors.


The PLUG&PLAY areas are precisely those areas that allow visitors to immerse into a world of technological innovation, put into production to give an added-value to their C! Print experience. They are areas in which, by working together with our exhibiting partners, we can put in value different products, materials, trends, techniques and much more. For this year’s PLUG&PLAY areas, we have worked several projects such as product customization in the PLUG&PLAY Planta Alta; interior decoration and a retail area in the PLUG&PLAY Entreplanta and lastly the personalization of a bar in PLUG&PLAY Plantabaja.


On the Plantabaja you will find the business bar dressed in the colors of the graphic chart that characterizes our PLUG&PLAY brand on this 4th edition. We will also welcome the visitors who will attend conferences and round tables which, like every year, will be full of innovative proposals and discussions carried out by experts in the sector.

To recreate this area we have the collaboration of:

The PLUG&PLAY Entreplanta not only gathers brings to life projects and ideas, but also an exhibition and the starting point of the C! Print Design Tour with our partner Selected. In the RETAIL / BOOKSTORE area, you will be able to see the exhibition of Selected’17, an exhibition of professional designers and photographers from around the world. Visitors can even choose from a wide variety of books specialized in the design and photography to buy them on a special price only available during the fair. Visitors who participate in the C! Print Design Tour will have the opportunity to travel and discover the trade show with Selected as their tour guide, a tour that offers a source of inspiration and brings ideas to life.


Do not forget to register, there is a tour per day starting at 2pm and places are limited!


Finally, visitors can stop in the DECO SHOWROOM area to enjoy a coffee while discovering and getting inspired by different applications for interior decoration. Roland DG will present on the mezzanine their online personalization software where you can give your personal touch to various promotional objects, see the process of live printing on the PLUG&PLAY Planta Alta and take it home with you!




This area of ​​inspiration was born thanks to the collaboration of the following partners:

On the Planta Alta, visitors will be able to appreciate a live demonstration area where a dozen product customization technologies will recreate a complete production chain, starting from the online personalization up to the final productInnovative techniques such as direct printing on textiles, graphic screen printing, tranfert flex, laser engraving, textile and photo sublimation, embroidery and much more will turn simple promotional objects and textile into true and powerful communication tools.

For this workshop to come to live we have worked together with the following partners:


The Planta Alta
will be the opportunity for printers and markers to discover the potential of the Gateway 3D software that allows mass customization of any type of promotional item saving time and money thanks to its performance, without leaving behind the quality that the customer deserves. On the other hand, it offers marketing professionals, many options of promotional gifts and textile advertising transformed into the corporate identity of each company.


Do not miss the Plug & Play adventure, come and discover all the areas created exclusively for you!