Why does your association support the new C!Print fair?

As representatives of Catalonia’s advertising industry, we at the Advertising Business Association could not stay on the sidelines and not take part in an event as important as C!Print. Advertising agencies, our associates, are perhaps one of the most interested sectors in being fully informed with new ideas, new applications and new markets related to the world of printing. Having in-depth knowledge of and the latest information about this industry helps agencies to develop new ideas and projects to offer to their clients.

 Alfonso Pena, Director General,
Advertising Business Association


patricia-del-rio-sevillano-mundo-impresiónWe at AGM support the new C!Print fair because we firmly believe in the future of the graphic communication industry and think that such sharing events as this one are essential for companies to evolve into new business models that respond to the demands of the market.

Patricia del Río Sevillano, Marketing and Communications Officer,
Graphic Arts Association of Madrid.