SwissQprint launches a new printer that Tecno Hard will introduce

This focuses on the Nyala 2, which at the moment is the best, most productive and efficient of the Swiss manufacturer’s range, and which is considered to be the first of a new generation of inkjet printers.
The first thing about the new SwissQprint flatbed printer that jumps out at you is its similarity, in terms of design, to its predecessor, the Nyala. The overall size of the new machine is in fact the same. Surprisingly, however, the Nyala 2 printing table is 25% larger than the previous model (3.2 x 2 m). This is where the skill of the Swiss firm’s engineers is most impressive. It could not be more compact. The printer can be transported as a single part, which considerably reduces the setting-up time and, above all, ensures its functional stability.

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