Software solutions for customizing, textile printing and picture framing

Discover Photocenter 3D at C!Print, a web to print platform that allows you to create customized gifts & has been created by Virtual Art Developers

Virtual Art Developers features its software solutions suite for the customizing market, a series of cutting-edge web applications Plug & Play focused on the design and online sales of customized products, which are compatible with any online shop and valid for all production systems.

The editing and online designing tool allows the user’s own design creation from any device, using both personal images and image galleries which are copyrighted. Before confirming the purchase, the customer can preview the product in 2D/3D. The Kiosk version – Point of Sale is also available.

RIP print manager automates the production, as it receives the orders and automatically generates the print files. It is intended to become part of a network of distributed manufacturing, in which the orders of an online shop are sent to the corresponding fulfilment center (company’s own or external plant).

The suite is scalable, so it is valid both for business startups and large-scale projects, with significant online traffic, including configurations and modules particularly developed for franchises. It is adaptable both for B2B and B2C businesses.

Depending of the type of business, it offers three specialized solutions:

Web to Print, customizable products

Photo Center 3D is an optimized platform for the sale of customized gifts as mugs, mousepads, phone cases and customized electronic gadgets, Web to Print, photo albums, car labelling, and the like.

It is compatible with Wide-format Printers, UV, Sublimation, Laser Machine, Dry Labs and Film Processors.



Textile personalization

Garmentify offers a range of products related to the Textile Customization (T-shirts, sweatshirts, sportswear, leggings, caps, sneakers, etc.) and it is completely compatible with sublimation printers, direct printing, screen printing and cutting plotters.


Picture framing

The most recent development brought to the market is Virtual Frame, an application for the picture framing, interior design and decoration that allows decorating rooms by means of pictures, canvasses or posters.

Virtual Frame is an advanced software for online virtual picture framing which offers the possibility to create completely customized pictures frames (print on demand printing, mouldings, fillets, passepartous and glass), as well as their overview and the one for the moulding in 2D/3D, the preview/render on sceneries (rooms) and augmented reality. It is an application intended both for picture frames and artists and gallery owners, designers, decorators and interior designers.