Sign-Tronic to actively participate in the new C!Print fair

Sign-Tronic, distributor of the Zünd brand, among others, is scheduled to exhibit at the first C!Print Fair in Spain, where it will have its own stand and participate at the Nova program.

“In C!Print we have found what we were looking for: a place to show the various applications that require our Zünd cutting tables and Picador software; a place where clients become inspired and find for their products an added value that allows them to distinguish themselves and stand out in their industries; the place where they will certainly see why they should have our equipment as well as others” notes Rosa Miralles.

Sign-Tronic Zund cutting tableSign-Tronic is scheduled to use NOVA to introduce its G3 XL-3200 cutting table, featuring new print heads and, especially, the new EOT-250 oscillating electric tool, a high-speed cutting tool for honeycomb materials, very suitable materials with multiple applications in both POS marketing and the structural design market, among others. At its stand it will show the smallest cutting table, in the S3 range, featuring the automatic feeding system for small format with different cutting tools for different types of Kappatex materials, folding, etc., for packaging applications, graphic items applications, magnetic applications, etc.

To complement the design part of the fair, visit the Sign-Tronic C!Print stand to see different Picador packaging and wrapping software demos, especially its Enhanced Reality application, which allows the user to visualize the design virtually located at the point of sale, advertising location or decoration environment where it will be used.

Visit Sign-Tronic at its B51 stand and at the NOVA demo zone.

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