Promic displays quality products… and customer service


What is Promic ?

Promic is the European supplier of mobile presentation systems, or so-called display systems. It’s a brand that have set of characteristics from its very beginning. In their own words, They are quality driven, and look for implement an strategic long-term vision with their partners.

In their ow words “We don’t hesitate, in adjust and tweak until we created a mobile display system that we truly believe in. In this way we proved to be the brand that you can rely on. On both product and service level. Because next to high quality and drawing from a large stock, our customer is always our priority”

What are the goals of Promic in C! Print Madrid?

Promic think the Spanish market as one of the most important in Europe. They consider that exhibiting at C!Print Madrid is an important part of getting acquainted with this market.


The market evolves and also Promic does.

The market has been growing rapidly. That’s not a trend, that’s reality. And Promic has grown alongside of it. In the last three years they easily doubled their staff, warehouse capacity and in satisfied customers.

The Promic products

They develop products that are not only nice. Their goal is to develop products that in response of the needs of the market. Mobile display systems that suit our customers’ needs and demands. Strong and appealing, easy to use and ready to conquer the market.


They have developed Pop-Up Impress. Certainly It’s not the first backlit wall, but it’s very competitive. The market was in need of a more portable system. Using their expertise in Mobile Display Systems and the Lighting segment, they created the Backlit Pop-Up Wall. It’s structure lighter and less expensive, but still more reliable.


What is the flagship product of your range that you will present at C!Print Madrid?

At C!Print Madrid, we will present our new stand design. And it only makes sense to put the Pop-Up Impress at the basis. The system is high, broad, illuminated and truly eye-catching. In this way we create a wall of 26 m, that you can’t ignore.



Learn more at the Promic Website


Promic is on C!Print Madrid, Visit the Stand D269