Product developers and industrialists meet at C!Print

In just two editions, C!Print Madrid has managed to establish itself as the must-see event for the entire community. But what community?

In a previous article we described the scale of the 2015 edition. The trade show was a success, but, aside from the numbers, the very structure of the trade show enabled the creation of the platforms necessary to develop new projects.



The evolution of C!Print is closely connected to changes in both the market and the support requirements that they entail. Aside from technical innovations, market representatives need to develop and promote new offers. The structure of the trade show, open, on the one side, to create meetings; and clearly segmented, on the other, to encourage contact has made it possible to bring together an entire community. The round tables were an excellent reflection of the ambition of the trade show. Big brands, interior decorators, designers, printers, communications representatives, service providers, content providers and equipment manufacturers discussed market trends.



In 2016, C!Print Madrid will go even further, organising an upstream analysis strategy and full sourcing: markets, applications, services and techniques will all be represented. Clients, designers, service providers and manufacturers, all the representatives will be there. Marketing strategy, creative projects, architecture solutions and technical innovations, all points of view will be represented.

Come and experience the lively C!Print Madrid 2015 trade show on our Flickr page.

Message customisation, product customisation, small or large format, create your projects at C!Print Madrid from 4 to 6 October 2016.