Polyprint has decided to wow us during CPrint Madrid with the Screen & Digital MIX

May it be on their booth or on the PLUG&PLAY area, Polyprint comes this year with innovations to suit your business!


Traditional silk-screen printing can be considered one of the oldest but highly reliable printing methods, its role is leading even today and its future will certainly be a long one. The benefits of recent technological achievements, have pushed the printing industry to another level, making things that were once considered impossible, a piece of cake.


Today the options are several, with the debate between direct to garment printing and silk screen printing, being often at the forefront, over “which of the two methods is the best?”. The truth is that each method has its own merits and weaknesses and therefore is usually applied at different situations.


For small and medium-sized quantities, digital printing (dtg) is considered the “most economical option”, and the fact that only one pass is required to print all CMYK colors, the process is said to be more effective, since shorter preparation time is required. On the other hand, silk-screen printing can be a more profitable option in the case of large orders, as the cost is inversely proportional to the print volume, while analog inks are considered more economical than digital ones. However, there are restrictions in terms of shapes, and although colors are more opaque and vivid, there are no countless color options. Plus, the process of screen printing due to multiple passes can be more time-consuming.


In the case of fast fashion, which is considered to be the top trend of the era, and usually demands low production cost, repeatable orders and fast delivery, with the ultimate goal of profit even in small or medium orders therefore everyone is always looking for new solutions. Polyprint decided to create a new solution for the market, exploiting the skills of both technologies, such as low ink cost from screen and the flexibility with the digital colors, the so-called Screen & Digital MIX.




By providing a universal adaptor for the arms of the screen printing equipment, that is designed to fit the “base” on the most manual screen printing pallet arms, this method allows you to print a white layer with screen, while the same Platen can snap into the Polyprint’s TexJet® echo printer, offers a solution for dark fabrics, this proposal created by Polyprint, aims to significantly reduce costs while increasing productivity up to 60 dark t-shirts/hour, by using one printer only. They certify this number can be doubled if a second TexJet® printer is added. In this way, registration with vivid colors, fine details, graduation of colors and photo realistic results on the prints is achieved. Furthermore, special fashion effects like glitter, gold, etc., can be applied with the screen on the top of the print.


In conclusion, Screen & Digital MIX can offer new business opportunities to those who embrace the DTG technology and seek for higher productivity and lower costs, and to screen printers who have the need to produce small-medium runs avoiding high screen costs.


Feel like trying the Screen & Digital Mix? Polyprint’s DTG specialists will run live demos at their booth, located next to the PLUG&PLAY area, where they will also offer an experience to the visitors with a quick dip into their TexJet® Series, since visitors will have the opportunity to test Texjet Shortee, their ultimate t-shirt printer which they highly recommend for startups and for events due to its compact size that offers portability.