New three-litre ink system for MIMAKI JFX600-2513 Printer

This enhancement increases productivity and improves printer autonomy


Mimaki, exhibitor at the latest edition of C!Print Madrid, an a manufacturer of inkjet printers and cutting systems, has announced a new 3-Litre External Ink Supply Option for the Mimaki JFX600-2513 Large-format Flatbed UV Inkjet Printer. This new ink system has been designed to enable JFX600-2513 customers to maximise production efficiency and improve automation for a more streamlined, productive print operation.


The optional unit will be commercially available globally in January 2023. This new 3-litre ink tank capacity reduces the frequency users are required to refill their JFX600-2513 ink supplies(1) . The system even enables ink replenishment during the printing process, further reducing printer downtime and improving productivity.

Support the automation of its customers’ printing processes


The 3-litre ink system has been developed with one of Mimaki’s core objectives for the future of its technology portfolio at the forefront – to support the automation of its customers’ printing processes. An automatic white ink circulation system included in the 3-litre ink unit eliminates the need for manual mixing. Additionally, weight sensors enable operators to measure the remaining ink levels of the JFX600-2513 more accurately, preventing unnecessary ink waste.


JFX600-2513 printers are also compatible with the proprietary Mimaki MDL command, allowing customers to communicate with their print production systems or peripheral devices via IoT protocols. The MDL command enables automated operation of the respective printing processes, such as the transportation of print media (workpieces). In combination with the new 3-litre ink option, the MDL command will support extensive, continuous, automated printing sessions.


deposito_opcional-tinta-JFX600-2513 deposito_opcional-tinta-JFX600-2513


Mark Sollman, Product Manager EMEA, Mimaki Europe explains why automation is key to futureproofing print operations,

“To be able to better connect technology, make it more intuitive and allow for a more seamless, efficient transition from when a customer places an order to its’ delivery has clear long-term business benefits. An automated workflow enables printers to improve their production processes. Therefore reducing delivery times and allowing them the increased production capacity to take on new business. With this new 3-litre ink unit, JFX600-2513 customers can further minimise downtime and speed up delivery times especially in higher volume print environments, helping them to become more efficient, versatile and profitable.”


Designed for high volume print productions, the Mimaki JFX600-2513 large-format flatbed UV inkjet printer is built for efficiency and productivity with its 16 print heads and maximum output size 2500mm x 1300mm x 60mm, corresponding to 4X8 plates (1220mm x 2440mm). Capable of direct printing onto a wide variety of media, including resin, glass, and metal, and of course, large-format signboards, the printer can accommodate substrates of up to 60mm in thickness. The JFX600-2513 also features 2.5D printing (multiple application of ink). Enabling layers of UV ink to be printed to create a textured surface for use in higher value printing applications.

More information about the JFX600-2513 printer and the new 3-Litre Ink System.