Large format: Louis Vuitton offers itself a luxury stay at the Louvre!

The famous brand, working hand in hand with the artista Jeff Koons, places a large format piece at the Museum of Decorative Arts.

At the end of April, the American artist Jeff Koons and the luxury brand Louis Vuitton launched a collection of printed bags with 5 paintings by great artists. One of them contains Leonardo da Vinci’s famous Gioconda.

In the large format advertising set in the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris you can see the majestic image they have chosen of the Gioconda.



The Marsan Pavilion, located on Calle 111 de Rivoli, which houses the famous museum, has been under restoration since October 2016. The different advertisements on the scaffolding’s facade helps to finance the works. They are currently working on the third and final stage of the restoration that will end in June next year. This façade is located in the inner courtyard of the Louvre.

This installation has been made by the media and large format promoter from Lyon, Premium Media XL. The picture was printed by Light Air on an HP Scitex and was put into shape by BS2i, giving the Louis Vuitton brand a visibility of almost 600 m2 in the inner courtyard of the Louvre! A work of art that must be seen!


© Photo credit  : FRÉDÉRIC BERTH


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