Hogar School takes its graphic art out of the classroom

Roland collaborates with the Hogar School and its graphic arts department during the “A stroll around graphic arts” exhibition, where much of the material was produced with Roland machines. Roland plans on introducing its product range this coming October at the C!Print Fair (stand B31), and it will show the creative potential its solutions have at the Nova Live workshop!

The Hogar School will exhibit works made by digital printing and pre-printing students for the first time. The digital printing and pre-printing courses of the Novacaixagalicia professional training centre take the work made by their students out of the classroom for the first time to show them at “Hogar School. A stroll around graphic arts“, where the potential of the students will be on display.

We have so much potential to exhibit“, the members of the Hogar School said with regard to their graphic arts students. The notion became a reality yesterday, with the opening of the first exhibition featuring their students at room II of the Centro Social de la Fundación Novacaixagalicia.

Apart from being a platform to show the works of seven of their most talented students, the exhibition has become “the most comprehensive exercise” ever made in these digital printing and pre-printing courses. Coordinated by professors Nurial Casal and Rodrigo Fernández, the students have taken care of everything, from setting up the exhibition to creating the advertising material to being the tour guides. The exhibition, open until 24th May, starts with a historical overview of printing, from the scribes all the way to our current techniques. This colourful didactic canvas is complemented with some objects, among which three books from 1632 stand out.

Roland Colegio Hogar Zapatillas arte gráficoThe works of seven students from the school will be exhibited. The backbone of the exhibition is the cartographic project of Principe Street, made by Marta Domínguez. Before doing it, this new graduate thought that she could not paint. “I never thought I was good enough”, she explains. The students emphasize that one of the keys to these courses is the participation of their professors, who inspire them to improve.

Doira Barrio shows her drawings, where she used several techniques, such as oil painting, marker pen or photography. Tattoo artist Natalia Rey even uses tennis shoes as support for her drawings. Rinoa Flames draws directly on a graphic tablet, with a monochromatic and dark style. Photography is the technique with which Paula Santos feels most at home. The graphic design in its pure form present in the exhibition belongs to Adrían Rodríguez. The multidisciplinary Bilá Aller surprises visitors with her playful art.

With a wallpaper they designed themselves, they have decorated the “small room” dedicated to Roland, the company that has provided them with the machines required to print their works. The exhibition will rotate to feature new decorative items and printed T-shirts. They organized a contest through which they expect to find a motto or a doodle, suggested by one of the participating visitors, which they will eventually print.

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