Hexis to open a new training centre !

As manufacturers of stickers, we want to explain our clients how to apply the product. To show them how to do that, training is required”, explains Xavier Casas, Director of Hexis Spain.

Xavier Casas Hexis EspanaHence, Hexis has built for them a large training centre to be opened this coming June. In the 160 m2 facilities, training courses will be taught about many subjects, from the simplest one, “Adhesive 101“, for companies with no experience whatsoever in the application of this type of products, to the most difficult one, tinting windows and total covering, that is, taking for example a vehicle and completely covering it with stickers, printed or otherwise. Through several courses and workshops, clients will become acquainted with the method to apply the product and will learn its advantages in 1, 2, or 3 days!

Xavier Casas explains that “one of the goals of this training centre is getting our clients to become experts in the application of Hexis so that, if we have a large project for which we need several applicators, we know where to find one with training by Hexis.” Hexis will exhibit at the C!Print Fair in Madrid, where they will show their latest range of products and their capacity to train applicators through different technical workshops.


Inauguracion centro formacion Hexis