Fotolia brings many new products to C!Print

Charles Tournier, Director of Fotolia Spain, speaks about his collaboration with C!Print Madrid and what he will bring to the fair.

Fotolia brings very interesting new products to C!Print, products which development is based on our daily contact with thousands of images buyers around the world. We have listened to their needs and adapted our services and solutions to always offer each consumer the most suitable product.

One example are our new flexible monthly fees which, for only 25 euros per month, give the consumer the option of downloading five XXL images, an ideal choice for printing shops working with large formats, a tight budget and a low but constant product flow. This kind of service also accumulates unused images for the following months as long as the subscription is renewed.

On the other hand, we also offer the best services to large corporations requiring a large amount of images and several individuals using the service at the same time. Our corporate solutions are flexible and our supply is the most competitive in the market regarding service, content, and prices.

We are also introducing API, the systems that allow our clients to integrate our catalogue with web page search tools. We have very interesting systems to provide access to millions of images from online stores with customized printed products.

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