Egue y Seta profile

Egue (Daniel Pérez) y Seta (Felipe Araujo)

About the designers:

Egue y Seta is a design studio founded by a multidisciplinary group of interior, graphic and industrial designers. It provides a wholistic service to clients that go beyond mere aesthetical concern bearing always in mind functionality and budget considerations.


Egue-y-Seta-vignetteEgue y Seta design spaces and experiences: Business, sales and brand positioning events, Spaces permanent or ephemeral, assuring our clients the highest level of notoriety and exposure for their products and services.

We are more than creative designers. Egue y Seta creates spaces, objects and promotional strategies; we handle their production, assembly and construction, from the conceptual phase to the final delivery, working with the most competitive manufacturers and reliable suppliers in the market. We achieve this through flexible and dynamic professional collaboration tailored to each client’s specific needs.

At Egue y Seta we approach every project with the certainty that clients do know what they need, what they like and consider aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, we start by listening carefully to our client and then we use our expertise to create functional and innovative ways of satisfying the client’s needs.


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