Decal presents its new range of materials, ideal for decoration

Decal presents the new range of material, Decal.Wall Paper and Decal.Wall Text.

Decal.Wall Paper is a coated and textured paper (as is the traditional one) with great durability making it ideal for wall decoration.

Decal.Wall Text is a textured adhesive material (M1) that can be used as a wallpaper or to decorate objects. This material is easy to use and ideal for store decoration, showrooms, stands or events, in addition to traditional wall decoration. Decal presents new coverings for walls and furniture, compatible with all kinds of ink (UV, eco solvent and latex), which create welcoming atmospheres. Get a taste of your environment with the original aesthetic of this material.

Restore your antique furniture, decorative objects and embellish your walls with Decal.Wall Paper and Decal.Wall Text.

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