C!Print Madrid launches the Image Lab


C!Print Madrid will dedicate a zone to the study of images, and innovative image solutions, through informative and collaborative workshops from the 6th to the 8th of October 2015.

During the three days of the trade show, this 50 square meter zone will host 2-hour masterclasses and 45-minute workshops dedicated to images and their web and software solutions. Specialists in colour management, image-processing solutions, web-to-print providers…they will all be there!

Image Lab partners will accompany the different visitors present: transformers, prescribers or announcers. Industry leading solutions will be applied and highlighted throughout these innovative workshops.

It is the opportunity for the visitor to experiment with the latest innovations in: Photoshop, colour management, 3D visualisation, visual composition, creativity and mobility, print & e-commerce, online personalisation, integration of a visual catalogue, image processing, workflow, web-to-print, graphic creation for 3D printing…. all the challenges related to printed images will be discussed at C!Print Madrid!


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Image Lab