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C!Print Content Guide



conferencia miercoles cprint madrid


The conference area is located in the middle floor (entreplanta), where C!Print dedicates a space to inform the visitor on future trends ir state of the market, with speakers who are experts in the field or who lead the market. A program focused on issues related to the visual communication sector.

These contents will provide the visitor with information to make better decisions and be able to foresee the future movements of the market, in addition to:

  • Identify more easily the needs and limitations of the purchasing processes of designers, decorators, architects, photographers, advertisers or brands.
  • Equip yourself with the best materials according to the target markets.
  • Structuring your offer, choosing the ideal technology for your projects and advising your clients taking into account trends.

Consult the 2019 programme

Some of the topics that were presented in this last edition were:

  • Market Convergence: “Don’t Just Call Them Printers”.
  • Fleeting & Sticking Retail: the behaviour of today’s society vs. the treatment of branding.
  • Printing and Environment: New Perspectives.
  • Textile Printing and Communication.
  • The relationship between designer and printer.



 workshops cprint madrid


The area where the workshops are held is on the top floor, next to the Plug & Play Customization Area. The objective of these 30-minute ateliers is to train the visitor on a specific aspect or process, so that they can really see how the process is implemented.

Some of the topics that were taught this year at C!Print Madrid:

  • Learn how to design in large format and DGT textile
  • Creating Your Own Clothing Brand: The Keys to Success
  • Copyright on images for printing
  • Color management and file preparation
  • Financing as a sales tool



This year was born a new space of creation and live demonstration. On the ground floor, the CoxCrea area presented the REAL and IMMEDIATE results of the digital implementation of a communication campaign in different media. C!Print has created a fictitious beverage brand, “Cruz Cactus”, and has developed a specific graphic charter for this brand. The objective is that through different techniques, the visitor can see how the design is physically implemented in the support: Packaging, customizable objects, signage, textiles, etc. and also demonstrations of wrapping of vehicles, furniture and objects.


COCREA cprint madrid


Here you can see some of the products customised in COxCREA:

collage cruzcactus cprint madrid

La Selección from CTCO


On the top floor, next to the CTCO area dedicated to promotional objects and textiles. A gallery of trends in promotional gift and garments selected by exhibitors and which stand out in the market was presented. The stand was co-sponsored by European Sourcing.



The winner of the audience to the most valued product was the Xoopar Boy mini loudspeaker, Congratulations!