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C!Print Content Guide



conferencia miercoles cprint madrid


The conference area is located in the middle floor (entreplanta), where C!Print dedicates a space to inform the visitor on future trends ir state of the market, with speakers who are experts in the field or who lead the market. A program focused on issues related to the visual communication sector.

These contents will provide the visitor with information to make better decisions and be able to foresee the future movements of the market, in addition to:

  • Identify more easily the needs and limitations of the purchasing processes of designers, decorators, architects, photographers, advertisers or brands.
  • Equip yourself with the best materials according to the target markets.
  • Structuring your offer, choosing the ideal technology for your projects and advising your clients taking into account trends.

Some of the topics that will be presented in the next 2022 edition will deal with aspects such as:

  • Sector Insights: Situation and analysis of the sector
  • Sustainability, new processes and new materials
  • Creativity and latest trends in design and creation
  • New markets and digitalisation
  • Copyright in images for print

And many more to be announced soon!


2) Workshops


Taller de personalización Plug&Play


The area where the workshops are held is on the top floor, next to the Plug & Play Customization Area. The objective of these 30-minute ateliers is to train the visitor on a specific aspect or process, so that they can really see how the process is implemented

Some of the participants who will participate in the workshops in this area during the next edition are the experts of EPSON, DIGIDELTA, MIMAKI or ROLAND DG.



 workshops cprint madrid


3) CoxCrea

After the success of the 6th edition, where the space was presented for the first time, in 2022, CoxCrea moves to the mezzanine / entreplanta. It will have a larger exhibition space where we will see the results of the digital implementation of a communication campaign in different media. C!Print creates the graphic identity of a fictitious brand of coffee and his capsule collection, and the sponsors and exhibitors implement it in different media, where the variety of possible applications can be appreciated.


CoxCrea 2022 new concept

In this edition, the space will be divided into 4 exhibition areas, where customised products will be grouped into different themes:

  • Visual communication
  • Textile printing
  • Decoration
  • Sustainability

The aim is that the visitor can see how design is implemented on the support, through different techniques. A must see space for visitors who want to see some of the infinite possibilities of printing applications.

In addition, there will be small ateliers and an application demonstration area.

We will be revealing the chosen graphic identity very soon!


Here you can see some of the products customised in 2019:

collage cruzcactus cprint madrid

4) C!Wrap



This new space dedicated to the covering of objects will have a demonstration area for the application of vinyl on different surfaces, and another area where ateliers will be held exclusively for the vinyl applicator community. Don’t miss it!