The CO2 laser technology for engraving

Ana Martinez Fuentes, General Manager of Gravograph Spain and Exhibitor at C!Print, speaks about the tendencies identified by her regarding clients’ expectations. She focusses on three tendencies: customization on site or through the Internet, the development of UV digital printing and the success of CO2 laser technology for printing.

Ana Martínez Fuertes / GravographIn this article, she speaks about the third subject. “The CO2 laser technology for engraving and cutting materials will continue to grow in the market”

It is a very versatile technology that allows its user to print and cut a wide variety of organic materials (certain kinds of plastic, acrylic, wood, rubber, gum, leather, cardboard, cork, fabric, etc.) and marking others such as metals (mainly anodised or painted). Gravograph CO2 laser machines are strong, reliable and easy to use because they feature a specific software with many functions that make specific works easy (cutting material, photographs, rubber seals, name lists, barcodes and UID and many etceteras). The last version features the Print&Cut function, which allows the user to manage the same printing job with a Mimaki printer and then automatically cut it with a CO2 laser by Gravograph. This opens an endless range of possibilities in many industries: promotional gifts, signalling, trophies, items customization, displays creation, labels, packaging, etc.

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