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Promotional Garments and Gifts


In the C!Print pavilion, in an distinguised area on the upper floor, there are a series of exclusive stands of manufacturers, distributors and brands of promotional gift and garment products. During the 3 days of the show, the visitor discovers the full marketing potential of this object as a complement to his activity!

  • Promotional garment: Textile and footwear designed to communicate, workwear, corporate, sports or fashion.
  • Promotional gift: Any object capable of communicating such as electronic devices, gifts, writing and office supplies, luggage, medals, boxes, plates, magnets, glasses, document holders, loudspeakers, chargers, etc.


Video of the area at the 6th Edition of C!Print Madrid:


New business opportunities


Develop and increase your sales 

Promotional items will help you diversify your offer and you will become a one-stop provider for your customers, and at the same time a trusted agent for your strategic communication planning.


Consider promotional items as part of a growing marketing and communication strategy

You will be in a privileged position to make creative proposals, combining personalization, printing and promotional items.  Promotional gifts are often used as an important part of a marketing campaign or multi-channel communication to reinforce key messages through merchandising.


Build customer loyalty by offering a wide range of services

When you add promotional items to your service portfolio, they will trust you as their ideal provider for their promotional actions. Today, suppliers offer a wide range of additional services and products; don’t let your most loyal customers go and keep them with  you.


CTCO Business Corner

CTCO products


Final report at C!Print Madrid 2019

Of the 11,769 visitors that C!Print received in its 6th Edition, the potential customers attracted by the CTCO space were divided into the following key segments:

  • Distributor, reseller of gift & garment products: 8%
  • Small format marking / Personalization: 12.4%
  • Communication agencies: 9.2%
  • Manufacturer of promotional object and textile: 2.7%

Check the complete report


CTCO Objeto y textil promocional



For more information, please contact our team:


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Suria Diamanti del Pozo
Sales Manager
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